February, 2004

Tribal Convictions

An email conversation with Dark Dave brought up the subject of Voivod recently. This discussion reminded me that I really wanted to get their Dimension Hatross album on CD (I have only the vinyl) for easy transfer to the Ipod. […]

I found an easter egg on my new dvd

I just got Escape From New York: Special Edition on DVD. Aside from a superclean transfer of the film, with newly enhanced 5.1 sound, there is a deleted scene and some other bonus materials. While looking thru the menus trying […]

More Godzilla!

Last nite I stayed in and Pod came by to watch my second Godzilla movie with me. Godzilla vs. Megaguirus. This one came out only a couple years ago in Japan only. I opted again for English dubbing as reading […]

It would be cheaper to walk!

Could someone explain to me just why the price of gas went up 20 cents since Saturday when I last filled up the car?! Fuckers! Speaking of saturday, I failed to mention to the people that I saw Joan Jett […]