Tribal Convictions

An email conversation with Dark Dave brought up the subject of Voivod recently. This discussion reminded me that I really wanted to get their Dimension Hatross album on CD (I have only the vinyl) for easy transfer to the Ipod.

Well, I oredered it and it arrived last nite. I brought it into work today and ripped it to the PC to listen to at work and it will find its way to my Ipod very shortly. This is such a great album and Voivod were really unique and way ahead of their time. This album was during their full progression into a sort of technical space metal. No one at all then, or even now really sounds like Voivod. This album is a must-own, and it should come issued with every CD player! It came out in 1988. I remember when it was released. I can’t beleive though that it was 16 years ago now! Where has the time gone?!