February, 2004

The punk rock work never ends

Since I’ve been back, the punk rock projects are starting to pile up. First and foremost, I have started work on the next Spontaneous Combustion Records release, which will be: SCR-005 Government Issue – 1981 first demo 7″ That’s right, […]

Catching up with the photos

As promised, here’s a few pix from the various shows I saw in the past week or so. The rest of the usuable images will end up on the Spontaneous Combustion site when I get a chance to update it. […]

CA food count

I damn near forgot. The tally of visits to my favorite eateries when I was in CA was: In and Out Burger: 3 Pink’s: 2 Del Taco: 2 Yum! I can’t wait to go back in April!

The cows have all gone home

I’m back from CA, came in late last nite and had to go right to bed so I could get up for work (at the new location). While I was in CA, I scored free tickets to a UPW wrestling […]

In and Out, Amoeba, Sun?

I’m out in Los Angeles again. Work and pleasure both this time. So far it has been a good trip. Unfortunately, I’m a moron and forgot to pack the DAT recorder so my interview with Lisa of Frontier Records will […]

Double duty!

Tonite = a double dose of shows and everyone should attend! First: Since By Man at Fireside Bowl, 7pm. SBM are great and I have vowed to see them play every time they come to town. They just got a […]