December, 2003

Monday Mission 3.52

So, what did you get for Christmas? My dad got me a supersized Best Buy gift card which netted me a Wireless G card for my laptop, a dvd burner for the desktop, the Belkin car adapter for my Ipod, […]

Monday morning

Man was it hard to wake up today! This was the earliest I’ve been up in a week, I got used to sleeping until noon again. Last nite I had a strange dream that I went to work, and when […]

Friday Five (final one of the year)

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year? There was a few. Ending my self-imposed drinking reitrement, thus becoming more social and going out more. Going out to more shows and putting out another record (JFA/Faction split), all of these […]

Xmas swag

Among the gifts I got this year, some highlights are: Tony Hawk Underground (THUG) for PS2! Pirates of the Carribean DVD Finding Nemo DVD When I get home, it is time to hibernate indoors with all my new entertainment!

Xmas in New England

Up at my sister’s place in MA visiting for xmas. It is like a trip back in time having to use dialup GAY OL account for net access! Oh if they’d only get a cable modem! I hit a couple […]

How big was it?

I just beat my personal best on Fish Tales, by a huge amount! I got 1.796 billion! I kicked ass! That made me feel so good that I feel like I am high! The 1 billion barrier was eluding me […]