December, 2003

He is dirtier than we thought

Dirty Dick Slater, a former pro-wrestler, just got arrested for stabbing his ex-girlfriend. While I know that the ladies will wrong you, often, it is not grounds to actually try and kill them!

Last day of the year

Last nite #2, Skadoo, and I went up to the Tivoli (aka: The Best Theatre on Earth) to see School of Rock. It was a pretty fun movie, and well worth the $3 admission. The popcorn was also great as […]

They never cease to amaze me

The ladies that is. I just got a card in the mail from Kristin, who if you long time readers may recall, was a friend of mine for 12 years. Earlier this year, however, she decided to cease all communication […]

Meat Puppet shot

I saw a link to this article about Cris Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets getting shot while perusing the daghouse board today. Drugs will make you do some pretty stupid things and apparently Cris has had a long history of […]

To-do list

Get firewire card for laptop to replace the one I was borrowing from co-worker so I can rip cds anywhere in the house and transfer them to the Ipod Post the new pictures I received of Mr. Potatohead and his […]

Now I have seen it all

It never ceases to amaze me what people will shill on ebay. “Hey, I went to high school with these famous punk rockers, I think I’ll sell my yearbook on ebay!” It would have been more useful if the seller […]