November, 2003

One more thing about friday nite…

A big heartfelt thanks to whoever the people were who bought me drinks. I don’t know who or how many there were, but after about the second beer, I kept having more given to me but I didn’t buy them, […]

The rest of the weekend

After I got home friday nite from the show, it had to be like 5am or so, I’m not sure really. I was still drunk and had to leave my car in the city and get a ride home. I […]

Destroy Everything!

Friday nite was the big Destroy Everything show at Lyon’s Den. Some of you were suspiciously absent! There was a good crowd, and I would like to think our giant promotion campaign for this show paid off somewhat. I had […]

Friday Five

1. List five things you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year. Getting the tape in for the next release on my label. I am quite excited about it and it is just a matter of a certain […]

From Ashes rise show pix

So I went to see From Ashes Rise, American Heritage, Despite, and Tusk last nite at the Fireside Bowl. I ended up having to go alone, thanks everyone! Anyway, I hadn’t been to the fireside in awhile so it was […]