November, 2003

Of all the luck

I am home sick with the flu or something to that effect, I am not doing well at all. I started feeling shitty yesterday, and when I was at the Buzzcocks show, it was getting worse and worse, now I’m […]

Agnostic Front pix

Here’s a few pictures of Agnostic Front from their show Wednesday nite at Bottom Lounge. It was a very good show. I went with #2 and Danger, and then Willow showed up, and it was very nice to see her. […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m sure you are not at yr computers reading this but are having the best meal of the year with your friends and loved ones. I’m off to my uncle’s house in a bit for the fine […]

Spontaneous Combustion Update

I just mailed off the order today for a second pressing of the JFA/Faction split 7″. I have exactly 4 copies left (on red vinyl no less!) of the first pressing and jut got a reorder request from interpunk for […]

Locust pix

So Sunday nite as I said before, I went to see The Locust play at the Bottom Lounge. Here’s a few pictures and the rundown. The rest will be on the Spontaneous site in the near future. First up at […]