October, 2003

Pro Wrestling loses yet another

I didn’t know this had happened until today but Stu Hart, father of Bret Hart, died last thursday at the age of 88. Stu was a huge figure in the world of pro wrestling having training nearly every Canadian wrestler […]

State Street for Halloween

On the way back from the show tonite (which I had to go to alone, thanks a lot everyone!), I noticed they decorated the street lights for halloween. I thought it was pretty cool so I snapped a picture as […]

UK Subs and the people

#2 and I went to see UK Subs at the Bottom Lounge on Sunday nite. On top of the show being good (the UK Subs kicked ass, especially for a bunch of old guys), talking with the people was even […]

They are dropping like flies!

I just read that Hawk of the tag team The Road Warriors (aka: Legion of Doom) died the other day at the age of 46! When I was younger, the Road Warriors were one of my favorite tag teams. It […]


Anyone want to go to the Bottom Lounge tonite to see a show? It would be nice to have someone to talk to and hang out with at the show. The info is in the column to yr left.