September, 2003

What for?!

Am I missing something or was there something wrong with the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie that necessitated a remake? I fail to see the purpose of that. Is Hollywood so lacking of new ideas that they have to remake […]

Pictures from last week’s party

Derek posted pictures from Rick’s party last week. I was there and am in a couple shots. Rick is a fellow game collector and has quite the impressive basement that puts mine to shame (and is much larger too). Check […]

The Tivoli never lets you down

I just saw The Italian Job at the Tivoli Theatre. It was pretty good, well worth the $3 admissionat the world’s best theatre. The popcorn was top notch as always. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is worth the […]

Bad wrestling gimmicks

I found this website that has a rundown of some of the worst gimmicks in pro wrestling history. It is pretty damn entertaining, and it is gimmicks like these that prompts countless people to ask “how can you watch that […]