September, 2003

What to do?!

Should I go to Los Angeles again for The Weirdos reunion show on Friday December 5th? I can still get a plane ticket for 160 round trip.


Hopefully I’ll win that damn Mega Millions tonite and the 150 million jackpot so I can build Combustion Castle!

The Whole F’n Show!

Last nite some co-workers and I went to WWE Raw at the Allstate Arena. We had really great seats. It was a lot of fun. The show was a lot better than the last few weeks worth of Raw’s and […]

The weekend in review

Friday after work I drove 90 mins in traffic to get to the Tweeter Center (perhaps the worst venue in music history) to see Kiss and Aerosmith. I met up with the assklowns nearby and we made our way in. […]

Shout it Out Loud!

The assklowns just called me and informed me they have an extra FREE ticket to Kiss/Aerosmith show tonite. And it is a sweet pavilion seat! As much as I hate the Tweeter Center, I’m fucking going! KISS ARMY!