July, 2003

Govenor Grisham?!

Jack Grisham, frontman for T.S.O.L. is running for govenor. Hell, if they’ll elect a pro-wrestler, they can elect a punk rock star. Check out the article here.

Odds and Ends

The new Ohgr album is really good. I like it at least as much as the first one, maybe more. The new Cevin Key album is also really good, and very reminiscent of old Skinny Puppy material. Last nite’s Raw […]

Weekend Update

Time has been flying by. Here’s an update: Friday: Went to see GBH and The Circle Jerks at House of Blues. Fun times, met up with a couple friends from the Daghouse msg board. Got free tix to the show, […]

A kingly fellow!

Let the record reflect, that Mark M is a stand up, all around great guy. Last nite, after the milemarker show, he drove my drunk ass, as well as the drunk ass of my companion for the evening home to […]

A show tonite

Tonite: Milemarker at the Empty Bottle. Milemarker kick much ass. I am going out to dinner before the show, possibly at a resturaunt on the beach even, and I’m sure my company for the evening is going to entice me […]