June, 2003

Life Sucks, Do Me

Heading over to a new Potbelys soon for an early dinner with some league brothers, then have league finals (singles league) tonite. That is pinball league for those who may not know what I am talking about. After league, I […]

Jello Biafra owes some money

Biafra Must Pay Back Royalties, Damages Fri Jun 20,10:10 AM ET By The Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO – Former Dead Kennedys lead singer Jello Biafra must pay $220,000 in back royalties and other damages to the other members of his […]

Looks like no stooges for me :(

Since I apparently have no one to attend the Stooges show in MI with, I guess I’m not going. The people I do know who are going already have tickets and since it is assigned seating, and I don’t want […]


TMG made me take some dumb IQ test on the net that she filled out to see if I would score higher than her. She got like 113, I got 124, confirming what I knew all along. I will admit […]