June, 2003

The Sox vs Cubs game kicked ass. A well scripted game. Sox won 4 to 3. I am sunburned on my knees and face. I am bright red, as red as my Rocket From the Tombs shirt that I have […]

A punk rock show tonite!

CURL UP AND DIE AFTERPROJECT TAKEN @ FIRESIDE BOWL – 2646 w. FULLERTON – CHICAGO – 773-486-2700 3 BLOCKS N.E. of the BLUE LINE (California stop) Doors 6pm CURLUPANDDIE are mighty! Everyone reading this should attend. Hell, I might even […]


Why is it that people can’t read. You sell something on ebay, you put in the auction description, and in the payment instructions at the end in ALL CAPS that you do not take personal checks, and these shitheaps send […]

I hate you betty crocker

Sunday nite I was looking for something in the house to have for dinner. I came across a box of scalloped potatoes that had been in there for a very long time. I mean a LONG time! But it is […]