May, 2003

Ah well

Friday nite, home alone, nothing to do. I had tenative plans with the girl I met last week, but she called and said she wasn’t feeling well and was staying in. I don’t know her well enough to know if […]


Just got a call from the WTTW guy asking me the proper way to say my last name and he said it airs tonite. He forgot Monday was a holiday when he told me that. Well, thanks for making me […]

They are indeed crazy!

I learned yesterday that one week after the alphahottie dumped me, she got engaged to a 63 YEAR OLD GUY! To put this in perspective, she is 29, he is one year older than her dad, and he has kids […]


Tonite I will be going to see some friends of mine band play. Here is the info: FRI. MAY 23RD – 8PM DESTROY EVERYTHING LYNYRDS INNARDS GRINNER THE DIRTBOX RACERS @ PRODIGAL SON BAR 2626 N. HALSTED CHICAGO – 773-248-3093 […]

47 hours 50 minutes

That was how long it took me to beat Golden Sun 2 on the GBA. What a great game, though now I have to wait until #3 to find out what happens! Now it is on to the new Castlevania […]