April, 2003

Way to go guys

This article amused me. “We didn’t mean for children to see it” they claim. This claim comes from the company who’s CEO in some shareholder type meeting on the internet said, when asked about them targeting violent/older audience games at […]

One down, one (well 500) to go…

I got the sleeves in today for the JFA/Faction split. They turned out great! Pete (PJ Graphics – the printer) dropped them off at my house when I got home today. Here is what it looks like Shown is the […]

Saturday I went to the Tivoli to see the second Lord of the Rings movie. I found out about 40 mins before the last show of the evening was to start so I called up SLO and her, cousin matt, […]

New radio show

If anyone cares, I compiled a new radio show for the Spontaneous Combustion site. If you have winamp and a decent connection you can listen to it here. Lots of obscure and not so obscure classic punk from the vault.

America’s other pastime

While I beleive that pro wrestling is america’s pastime, I indulged in america’s otehr pastime tonite after work. I went to the White Sox game with a couple of co-workers who had an extra ticket. These weren’t just regular tickets, […]

Just sick

This is just sick. Some people have WAY WAY too much disposable income. I wish I had nearly two grand to drop at a moment’s whim. Fuckers!