March, 2003

I am so sick of my friends flaking out on me all the time. If you tell me you are going to go somewhere with me or hang out, don’t flake out on me, let alone decide you are going […]

All you can meat!

Today our work took all of us to this really nice restaurant for lunch to celebrate our game being released. The place we went to was called Fogo De Chao and it was excellent. I’ve never been to a place […]

I killed Kenny

Last nite I went up to Club Foot to play some pinball with fellow Chicago blogger Lis. This was the first time I have met another blogger that I didn’t already know. It turned out it was South Park and […]

Friday 5

1. If you had the chance to meet someone you’ve never met, from the past or present, who would it be? I don’t know, maybe Ashley Scott so I could be shot down trying to get a date with the […]

Let’s walk he says

Took a late lunch today and went to potbellys. Two co-workers suggest we walk to a different one. It is far, actually as far almost as the one we go to via train. The walk was fine until half way […]

Not quite done

I’m not quite done with the new look for the blog. I have to add a couple things to the right half above the links, but that required artwork that I was to tired to either make or resize. I […]