Post WM

Wrestlemania was pretty entertaining I have to say. The highlights of the evening:

Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahaon – who would have thought I’d ever say a Hogan match was the best of the night but it was. Both men bladed and vince was gushing blood all over the place. Roddy Piper made a way too short surprise appearance and interfered in the match as well.

Booker T vs. HHH – while HHH retained his damn title yet again, leaving me disappointed, they put on a good match and it made Booker T look good. Here’s hoping that they give him another match where he actually can take the title

Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle – A pretty good match which ended shortly after brock nearly snapped his neck at a failed attempt at a shooting star press. How he survived that sick landing on his face/neck is a mystery to me, and how he actually was able enough to finish that match is another.

Best sign – “teabag sadaam”.

No one won the time bet again, there is 52 bucks in there now! We were all yelling at the TV to end the show on our times, I yelled the most and will probably lose my voice because of it, but it was fun. There was a good crowd over for it, and we splurged this time and got Famous Dave’s ribs, which was damn good. Now the weekend is over, and I’m exhausted. It went too fast and I stayed up way too late both nites and didn’t get enough sleep, but I had stuff to do all weekend and had a good time overall, which is just what I need more of these days.