March, 2003

Post WM

Wrestlemania was pretty entertaining I have to say. The highlights of the evening: Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahaon – who would have thought I’d ever say a Hogan match was the best of the night but it was. Both men […]


Tonite I have pinball league. The lineup of games we are playing: Star Trek: TNG Sharkey’s Shootout Star Wars Episode 1 Revenge From Mars World Cup Soccer Hopefully my lack of sleep last nite won’t be a factor in my […]

I told you so!

I’ve been telling everyone that I come in contact with that Potbellys is the best place on earth, well now there is SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that what I have been proclaming is true! I told you so, yes sir I did!

Faction/JFA 7″ update

Today I mailed off the materials to have the record mastered, from there it goes to the plant to be pressed. I have the sleeve laid out and ready for printing and have to hook up with the printer to […]

Unreal world

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I am hooked on the real world. I find myself watching it every time it’s on, even if I’ve seen it before. Oh man, what has become of me?! This is not […]

Days of our lives?!

It appears, the person that I considered to be my best friend has decided that he is not my friend anymore after he flaked on me for a party we were going to, and I called him on his shit. […]