New addition to the punk vault

I got a new addition to the punk vault today. The vault has seen some nelect of late as extra money has been going to fund the upcoming 7″, not to mention it has been funding dating the alphahottie instead of funding my vinyl addiction. Anyway, I got a new item worth noting:

The Damned – Play it at your little sister 7″/cd combo.

This is a promo teaser for a really sweet looking box set that is coming out very soon. This is a 7″ single, that is one sided and features some demo recordings of the very first Damned demo, the other side of the single is etched with the 4 original members’ autographs. This comes in a 7″ sleeve that is a repro of the old Stiff Records stock sleeve on the front, with die cut center, and on the back is a photo of some old recording tape box for the Damned. The center of the record has coming up from the spindle hole, a little nub that holds the additional cd, the cd contains New Rose/Help, which was the first ever Damned single (and first UK punk single – yes they were before the Sex Pistols in terms of releasing records). The CD label looks like a Stiff records label. The package is really pretty neat and anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE fan of The Damned and have more Damned records in the vault than anything else, so I’m geeking out over this thing, and the upcoming box set.