February, 2003

Tao Feng on Tech TV

For anyone who may be interested, Tech TV is doing a little feature on the game that I worked on at my job. You can click here for the details. I wish I had tech tv so I could see […]

Friday Five

1. What is your favorite type of literature to read (magazine, newspaper, novels, nonfiction, poetry, etc.)? I like to read a lot of magazine (mostly punk rock fanzines like MRR) and I’ll read books from time to time, both fiction […]

New addition to the punk vault

I got a new addition to the punk vault today. The vault has seen some nelect of late as extra money has been going to fund the upcoming 7″, not to mention it has been funding dating the alphahottie instead […]

Last nite’s Smallville was the best one ever I think, it was awesome. After that, I watched the final episode of Oz, except I got pimped out of the first 15 mins of it because it started at 8:45pm. What […]


Yesterday didn’t end up as dreadful as I feared, though it did suck overall. I wish I could shut off my mind, because I imagine the worst case scenario when something is going wrong and I don’t know what the […]