January, 2003


Pepsi Blue is easily the most vile, foul tasting soft drink I have ever tried. I suggest avoiding it at all costs, drinking out of the toilet would be a better experience.

I hate people!

I am trying to make reservations for dinner on valentines day to take out a very special woman, and so far all the places I have called are fucking booked already. It is more than 2 weeks away, what the […]

Oz was pretty damn good. I have no idea who won the superbowl as I could care less about football. This morning, after a really late (but damn good) nite, I dragged my ass out of bed to go to […]

Record update

I got the music from JFA for the split single I am doing. I’m still waiting on their artwork, and also on the music and art from The Faction (who I reminded today that I need). I also got some […]

Oh Z’s – where are you?

I ended up working until 9am. I was good and crabby and worn out by the time I left. However traffic ruled on the way home. I was able to drive as fast as my tired eyes could process the […]