December, 2002

Xmas Eve

Today we had a huge feast here at Welch Manor. 11 people were here, all daveinlaws immediate family. I was the only one who wasn’t “a couple” and felt kind of out of place. The holidays really fucking suck when […]

R.I.P. Joe Strummer

I actually found out about this from my sisters neighbor. Joe Strummer died. For those that don’t know, he was in The Clash – one of the pioneers of punk rock. While I actually was not a huge fan of […]

56K Boston Blogging

My sister let me use her AOL account after I installed the crappy AOL software on my laptop and so here I am, blogging from Boston. So let’s review… Saturday – The loaf dropped me off at the airport. I […]

Let the holiday begin

My last day of work for a week, I am leaving for Boston tomorrow and won’t be able to blog most likely due to my sister’s archaic computer situation (old mac and only a dialup connection to AOL). So if […]

A busy day at work and the time flew by. Just now doing some laundry and getting things in order for my trip. I missed the first hour of smackdown as I worked late, it didn’t look like I missed […]

I am watching the Anna Nicole xmas special. My god, what a train wreck!