The final blog of the year

Well, this will be my last blog entry for 2002. I would like to say that I’m on my way to a concert where lots of hot women will be and I’d be hanging backstage with my best friend but those plans were killed long ago. Sometimes friendship ranks lower than a woman it seems. Despite said friend’s offer to buy me a ticket to still go that doesn’t really change the fact that A: You can’t buy a backstage pass so what do I do when they leave me with the rest of the crowd, B: what fun would being the odd man out be hanging out with a dude and his woman, and C: we had the plans for over a month. Whatever, the dude will still be my friend still but I am a bit disappointed and get more so as I reflect on it.

2002 sucked, I am not sorry it is ending. My 2002 was full of back pain, missed work, a failed attempt at reconciliation with RMD, and a couple failed attempts at relationships. I can look back at this year and see little good so goodbye 2002 and good riddance, I hope 2003, despite it having an odd number in it, will be a hell of a lot better.

Happy new year everyone, I hope you have a safe and fun evening.