October, 2002

Good friends visit

Last nite, Kristine came by and brought me dinner and kept me company to help keep my sanity since I’m trapped in the house while recovering. It was nice to have company since I’m starting to get cabin fever big […]


Even with Tony Hawk 4, I am fucking bored. Hungry too. Anyone want to come over and keep me company?

Friday Five

1. What is your favorite scary movie? The first two Halloween movies. 2. What is your favorite Halloween treat? Smarties – that is the best tasting chalk! I love those! 3. Do you dress up for Halloween? If so, describe […]

Tony Hawk 4

RULES! It is really damn good. I like the huge worlds and how they changed the career mode. It is gonna take a lot longer to finish this one compared with previous installments. I have some minor issues with the […]

Games and vinyl

I slept a lot better last nite but am not fighting a mean headache. I just can’t win! Pod stopped by to go to the post office for me and go pick up TONY HAWK 4 for me! I can’t […]

Italian Beef!

Well, I finally got my Italian Beef sandwich, x2! Pod came by for lunch and picked up a beef sandwich for me. Then a couple hours later, my mom’s boyfriend stopped by and brought me an italian bef sandwich! I […]