October, 2002

Happy Halloween

Is it? I dunno, I guess it didnt’ really suck. I pretty much just did the usual laying around. I bought 4 bags of candy yesterday for the kids. I went through 2 of them so far and am into […]

Jam Master Jay 1965-2002

I just found out that Jam Master Jay was shot and killed. For those of you who don’t know who that is, Jay was the one man band behind Run DMC. Run DMC were my favorite rap band of all […]


I was flipping channels on the TV and stopped on this cable access show called “music choice” cuz TSOL was playing on it, then the Adolescents! Then interview with X, and then The Damned! What kind of alternate realilty have […]

Fuck you Tony Hawk!

After 90 god damn minutes and more toilet words than a normal man can string together in one paragraph, I finally beat the pro challenge in Tony Hawk 4. I was playing as Hawk and that fucking thing was tough, […]

Raw was a letdown, and then some

Tonight’s Raw sucked. It wasn’t as bad as last week, but it still wasn’t very good. The opening segment was stupid. Most of the matches were boring, and as cool as it was to see Shawn Michaels again, he was […]

Ebay revisited

If you remember a couple weeks ago how angry I was over somone I bought a record from on ebay, packing it so poorly it got damaged, and gouged me on the shipping. I sent this assklown 2 emails expressing […]