September, 2002

Bada bing

Last nite’s Sopranos wasn’t very good. I didn’t get much sleep, and now I have a headache and am over-tired. I also will probably be working late today as well. 7 days from now I will be on an operation […]

Sleep interupted

I awoke to the sound of the doorbell ringing this morning, it was my cleaning lady. I knew she was coming today, but I was under the impression that she was coming later in the day or at night, as […]

MT soon

Well, I think that I am gonna make the switch to moveable type in the very near future. Thor is coming by tomorrow to watch sopranos and I beleive he said he’d help me get it working with my blog. […]

The real world

Alright since I found myself with nothing to do and while flipping channels, I stopped on mtv and wound up watching the real world. This new season is set in Las Vegas. Well so far it has been about one […]


Another friday nite with nothing to do. I just finished dinner and am now watching this Charles Manson documentary DVD that I got sent to review for the website. It is pretty low budget but is interesting so far. Tomorrow […]