August, 2002

Happy Birthday Dina

Today is Dina’s birthday so everyone wish her a good one. I know a lot of you don’t know who she is, but you can also click the Nicole Damato Fundraiser link on my blogroll to learn about her family […]

Tuesday evening

I made it home last nite only missing the first 10 minutes of Raw, so I got to see the show after all. Overall a decent show but it wasn’t keeping my attention as well as it should of. Paying […]

VPI here I come

So I finally caved in and ordered the super record cleaning machine. I agonized over it all weekend and despite the fact that it is probably the worse time to be spending any more money, I figured the sale was […]

Things are looking up!

First, about a week or so ago, my arch-enemy, the person I hate most on the entire planet of Earth, gets fired from his job at my former employer, which will hopefully be the start of many bad things for […]

PPV and the weekend

The PPV was quite entertaining tonite. The match of the show was the HHH/Shawn Michaels match. It was damn good. Shawn Michaels having not worked a match since his back injury forced him out, was in fine form and didn’t […]

Pinball and Potbellys

Yesterday I had a mountain of mail to take to the PO, stuff I sold on ebay. When I got home, I realized I forgot a package! I was pissed because now I have to make a trip over there […]