August, 2002


Last nite after work I stopped by Mark W’s house (my old boss at Midway) to get a couple parts for the pinball machine I am selling JLS. I got to see his really cool collection of antique music boxes, […]

MTV awards

Some more thoughts on that MTV awards show that I had nearly forgotten. The Hives and The Vines played back to back. OK, so now them, along with The Strokes and The White Stripes are all the rage?! Screw them […]

TV and DVD

Last nite I watched a good portion of the MTV awards. I think that show gets less interesting every year. Of course I’m not really any kind of fan of 99% of the stuff they have going on in popular […]


I am still mad at AT&T for pimping me out of a record. FUCK YOU AT&T, you owe me a clean copy of the “From the Valley Within” comp! Was watching the Richard Kern DVD lat nite, I didn’t get […]

God damn internet

So my internet access decides to come to a screeching halt just as I’m trying to bid on a record that I really wanted, therefore pimping me out of winning, which I would have. FUCK YOU AT&T, YOU GO TO […]

I need a new laptop

So last nite I did what I set out to do, I dug up the crusty powerbook, sat down and watched the Flipside DVD I was sent to review and did some laundry. Tonite’s mission will be to review the […]