July, 2002

Physical Therapy

Just got back from my Physical Therapy appointment. This was at a different place than I have been to before. These people were very friendly and seemed much more thorough than the place I went to before. Between this and […]

The mend continues

Day 3 of the healing and my headache of yesterday finally went away. I feel much more “normal” at least as far as that goes, but of course the back is a bit more sore than yesterday though. I start […]

On the Mend

Didnt’ get much sleep last nite and have had a monster headache today and felt kind of queasy too despite the pain meds. Perhaps it was the pain meds not agreeing with my cereal for breakfast today that made me […]

Post Shot Update

So I got the cortisone shot today. It wasn’t so bad, I hope the thing works. The doctor numbed up by back with a novocaine type shot first, which pinched but wasn’t so bad (after all, nothing could hurt much […]


This morning I woke up to go to a record convention. My back was bothering me so bad that I was limping real bad and had trouble walking. I can not wait until tomorrow to get that first shot as […]