July, 2002

Doctor here I come!

Today I had to get up extra early to go to my physical therapy appt. These people are a lot better than the place I had gone to before and everyone there is really nice and they seem to really […]

Back to work

Finally am back at work today after a week off of recovery. The shock of the alarm ringing this morning was huge as I have been sleeping until 11 most days that I have been off. It was really hard […]

Ho hum

What a boring an lonely nite. I have no one here and no one to talk to. I hate evenings like this. I am waiting for the bbq to heat up so I can grill some burgers for dinner and […]


Went to Sams Club to get some needed items. It was hard walking around with the pain in my back and found myself using the cart as a crutch to hold myself up. The rest of this day will be […]

Going postal

The post office is not a good place to go if it hurts to stand up for very long. I think those bastards went extra slow today to torture me! Scored some good records yesterday from Dr. Strange, it realy […]


Got at best, 1 hour of sleep last nite, I couldn’t find any position that did not hurt my back and it kept me up all nite long. I have therapy in about an hour and I am hoping they […]