June, 2002

Back to the grind

Finally back at work. It felt like I was gone longer than the 4 day weekend I ended up having. It is super-deluxe hot out today and it was raining earlier. I hope I don’t have any record packages sitting […]

A Monday I’d rather forget

Had to stay home from work again today so they could finish the cabinets in the kitchen. It looks awesome, but of course I still don’t have coutertops, a sink and my dishwasher isn’t hooked up. I’ll be without those […]

Sunday – the day of rest?

Went to the two shows last nite. The Puerto Rican parade was yesterday so Western Ave was just chaos. People driving up and down the street honking their horns and waving thier flags. It was an endless sea of cars. […]

Bored, hungry and tired

I’m home for the second day in a row while my kitchen construction continues. There isn’t a whole lot to do today and I’m still tired from waking up at such an ungodly hour on a saturday morning!. I need […]

Mail call

The mailwoman just dropped off some goodness to my house. I got The Identity Crisis 7″ that i just bought off of e-rape. This single feature Kim Thayil who later was in Soundgarden. I also got ALL 40 EPISODES OF […]

I have succumbed!

Well, I figure since a bunch of people I know are doing it, why not me. Thor pointed me in the right direction as i beleive he is a blog addict! I don’t know if anything I say here will […]